Agripolyane launches its B2B online sales site

Agripolyane launches its B2B online sales site

After having published its first institutional website more than 10 years ago…

After having published its website dedicated to plastic films for construction sites about 2 years ago…

Agripolyane se lance dans l’aventure du site de vente en ligne B2B !

A privileged relationship with its partners

After more than 60 years producing and acquiring experience, Agripolyane starts a new project and chooses to make purchases easier for its partners. The implementation of such a B2B online sales site will permit to both two partners to maintain a close relationship.

Indeed, to be able to have its own user interface will permit to everyone to be, first, more reactive. Thanks to the real time stock view, Agripolyane fulfils its purpose to work with the utmost transparency with its partners, who will thus be able to anticipate their orders.

Moreover, every partner will be able to check all the needed documents on the online library he/she will have access to: manuals, using and laying conditions, warranties, prices, data sheets, flyers, etc. The sales administration department, this way, will also be able to find all the information about each partner on one and the same platform, which will permit to optimise the processing time of each request.

In addition, each partner will be able to make purchases at all times and via the digital medium he/she wants (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.); (of course,) the website is responsive!

An optimised stocks management

Agripolyane is one of the only actors on the plastic films market to possess such a finished goods stock. Thanks to its production site of more than 27,000 square meters, the company can produce higher quantities of standard products, store them in a warehouse covered space and/or on a special storage outdoor space. Thus, Agripolyane can optimise its production planning in order to answer each customer request and can also reduce the delivery time when standard products are ordered.


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