Did you know that POLYANE® is a registered trademark?

Did you know that POLYANE® is a registered trademark?

Did you know that POLYANE® is a registered trademark?

Polyane® is the reference brand of polyethylene film that has existed in France for over 50 years. Resulting from the extrusion-inflating process, this product is recognized for its quality. Over the years, it has evolved into a complete range with various applications: agriculture, construction, industry. The notoriety of Polyane® film is such that this term has become a noun in everyday language. Thanks to this innovation, the company has become a major player in France in the construction film market, covering the majority of the French territory’s needs in protective, tightness or asbestos removal films.


In 1954, Henri PIAT joined forces with J.-E. MAZUYER to create a processing company for SYNthesis PROducts, which they called PROSYN. In 1964, the company is bought by the petrochemical giant ELF ATOCHEM and its corporate name becomes PROSYN POLYANE. One year later, the Polyane® brand, derived from the company’s name, was registered. The company that owns this brand is now known Under the company name AGRIPOLYANE. Having filed several patents and registered more than 45 unique brands, this French company has diversified and innovated in the agricultural, construction and industrial sectors. Polyane® film is now known to all the professionals in the construction sector in France.



A single quality

Victim of its success, the film Polyane® is the subject of many counterfeits. Because of its quality, yet never equaled, the term Polyane® is now used to designate a plastic film. It should not be forgotten, however, that it is indeed a registered trademark, as shown by the acronym ® that follows it, and that this term should not be used to designate any film.
To compensate for the generic use of this term, the company takes care not to weaken the image of quality of its brand by preserving its manufacturing techniques and its French know-how of more than 50 years while innovating in order to meet each customer’s specificities, but also by attacking the merchants of products, often of less good quality, wrongly commercialized under the name of Polyane®.


An industrial property

The importance for the company to maintain a brand image, a guarantee of quality, requires an industrial property strategy. Moreover, the R&D and customer service make Polyane® a reference in the field of plastic film and thus enable consumers to be assured of acquiring a unique film, specific, adapted, of quality, and recognized in France.


Polyane film bubble seen from below

Camille CHANAL

Article published on March 16, 2018 on the LinkedIn page of the company.

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