Protective film: our ranges

AGRIPOLYANE through its reference brand POLYANE® continuously guarantees a complete and a high-quality offer to its clients.

Various ranges of protective and protection film are developed by AGRIPOLYANE:

  • Protection film: to protect the construction sites, surfaces or materials…
  • Tightness film: for the under paving, waterproof, concrete under slab film, waterproof sheet…
  • TRIDALL®: Polyane® under paving needing a tri-layer technology coextruded film, that is to say composed of 3 layers for more resistance and efficiency.
  • Asbestos removal film: for all the operations of asbestos treatment, demolition construction site or asbestos removal construction site and deflocking.

Under the brand Polyane® are also designed and manufactured other types of films. Learn more on : http://www.agripolyane.com/anglais/produits.html