About us

Polyane film: the reference since 1965

The company Agripolyane is situated in Saint-Chamond (Loire, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France) for more than 50 years and was created by a large French petrochemical group with the intention of developing and promoting the use of plastic matters. Within this dynamic, great brands recognized in their line of business were born, including the brand Polyane® for the construction sector.

The Polyane® film and the Polyane® sheet are now the reference brand in the construction universe.

Polyane® films for the professional and the individual

Construction film, construction site film, protection film: all of the professionals from the industry and the construction sectors or skilled handymen know the films of the brand Polyane®.


The Polyane® film is used by all the trades.

Craftsmen, painters, masons, façades specialists, constructors, asbestos removers or even event organizers daily use the Polyane® specific films.



The Polyane® film: from the simple to high-tech products.

Provided with innovative production equipment and some of which are the largest in the world, Agripolyane’s market extends across more than 60 countries.

With the standard products, much more technical ranges of Polyane® films are combined corresponding to an ever more technological and specific market.

Agripolyane, designer and manufacturer of plastic films, offers complete and innovative protection films ranges thus providing to its customers the widest and the most efficient solutions.


The Polyane® film: tailored manufacture

The R&D department – quality, which represents 10% of the society staff, continuously develops new projects and/or products. In partnership with the customers, the department is better able to answer specific requests of tailored Polyane® films manufacture.


The Polyane® film: a recognized brand

Polyane® refers to a plastic films brand famous for its insulating and waterproof character. It is used by all the professionals from the construction, public works, sectors where the Polyane® quality doesn’t need to be proved any longer.
Often wrongly monopolized, the patented brand Polyane® is victim of its own success through counterfeits. Agripolyane strives to protect this French brand from replications which usurp its identity without ever reaching its level of quality.